The Dice Tower

The Dice Tower

The Dice Tower Network is a website and Youtube channel dedicated to everything board game related. They provide reviews and feedback for hundreds of board games. This is one of the most respected groups of reviewers in the board game industry. The reviewers do a great job of explaining games simply and they try to keep all videos and blogs newcomer friendly. With the wide variety of review styles along with the large amount of content, anyone can find a game style they will enjoy through their guidance. If you are new to board gaming there is a link in the top left corner of their site to get you started.

Board Game Geek

This website is the go-to site for board gaming. Board Game Geek is a large database style website that houses information on nearly every game created. It is also a great way to dive into the culture and community of the hobby.


 Spiel des Jahres


The Spiel des Jahres is the German award for game of the year.

The Spiel des Jahres started in 1979 and has become highly respected among the board game community. Today many different awards are given out including “kid’s game of the year”, “game of the year”, and “gamer’s game of the year”. If you are looking for a good game to start your collection this site is filled with winners.  

Board Game Finder

This site has a simple format for finding games that may be of interest. Simply click on any of the games shown and the website’s algorithm starts showing other similar games. Keep clicking to narrow down the suggestions. This sight is great for players who may have played one or two games but don’t know what to play next. 

Board Game Prices

Board Game Prices shows prices from around the internet for board games. Board games are expensive and thus this can become an expensive hobby. In order to stop that from turning off new potential hobbyist this site shows the lowest prices available from sellers all over the world.

Table Tribe

The site provides the latest news and information about games. They also create many lists that are helpful to different types of board gamers. One is called “16 Gateway Games to Get Your Friends and Family Hooked”. This is a good source for light information on the topic at hand to give some starting points for those with interest.

This article was found on this and takes a look at how to teach modern board games. Since board games are unlike any other form of entertainment they can seem harder to learn and understand. To avoid people shying away from this hobby because they aren’t taught games well this article explores the best ways to teach strategy in gaming.

Board Game Arena

Board Game Arena is a website that allows users to play board games online. It is a great place to try out and learn games. Board Game Arena connects users all around the world and provides expert tutorials for new players. This site is a great way to test out a game you may be thinking about buying.

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