Storytelling in the

Modern Board Game by Marco Arnaudo

This book explores the trends of board gaming from the 1960s to modern times through the stories games tell. Marco Arnaudo is a professor of board game design at Indiana University in Bloomington Indiana. In his book he explores how board games have changed and grown in their storytelling abilities. His book is filled with advice for those wanting to design games and suggestions to those wanting to explore board games as a hobby.

Tabletop Gaming

Manual by Matt Thrower

This book provides information on everything dealing with board games. It has bright colorful photos and articles to explain all parts. The Tabletop Gaming Manual covers all aspects of games, from popular and traditional through to role playing and miniatures. It includes specific and specialist information for each area, appealing to the enthusiast market and serious gamer, but also to the curious beginner. (Worldcat, 2019)

It's All a Game 

by Tristan Donovan

Donovan explores the amazing history of board games in the book It’s All a Game. Tristan Donovan is a journalist and well known game expert. In his book he gives a brief history of board games connecting old childhood classics to modern board games. This book will appeal to the gamer or new board gamer that would like to know a bit of the history behind their hobby.

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